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Paper Pulp / Wood / Grains / Waste:


Moderate Oil Resistance (MOR):

Rhoden's MOR is the recommended compound for conveying moderately oily materials such as wood chips, whole grains, waste, and sludge. MOR is not recommended for high impact applications.

Super Oil Resistance (SOR):

Rhoden's SOR is the preferred compound for applications with extended exposure to vegetable, animal, mineral or hydrocarbon oils. It provides improved oil resistance compared to the MOR compound. SOR is not recommended for high impact applications.

Grain Services Preferred (SCORF): 

Rhoden's premium SCORF compound offers an oil resistant and flame retardant solution for the handling of products that may contain vegetable, mineral, and hydrocarbon oils.

Heat / Flame:

RD Heatguard 400: 

Made to withstand operating temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius), RD Heatguard 400 is your compound choice for heat resistant applications. It is recommended for foundry sand, carbon black, ashes, salt, and coke.

RD Heat &Oil Services (HOS):

RD HOS is a compound designed to be both heat and oil resistant. 

RD Flame Retardant Above Ground (FR):

Rhoden's flame retardant compound is designed for use in above ground surface applications where flame retardant belts are needed. It is not for use in underground applications. Recommended for fuel services. 

Chemical Resistance Matrix:

Cover compound

Vegetable Oil

Animal Oil

Mineral Oil

HydrocarbonsFlameSun and Ozone
Some conditionsSome conditionsRecommendedRecommended Not recommendedSome conditions  
SORRecommendedRecommendedRecommendedRecommended Not recommendedSome conditions  
 RD SCORF  Recommended 

  Some conditions  


  Some conditions  

 RD Heatguard 400 
Some conditionsSome conditions  Some conditions    Some conditions   Not recommended Recommended 
RD HOSSome conditionsSome conditionsRecommended Some conditions  Not recommended  Recommended  


(Above ground)

 Not recommended 

  Not recommended 

Some conditions Some conditions Recommended

  Some conditions